File Management

Glue includes commands that allow you to open files in the Sublime Text editor by path or wildcard.

Open Files by Path

To open files by filepath, use the glue open sub-command with one or more filepath arguments:

$ glue open <file> [file]

For example, to open the files test.txt and test2.txt from the current working directory in the editor, use the following command:

$ glue open test.txt test2.txt

Open Files by Wildcard

To open files by wildcard value, use the glue wco sub-command with a wildcard argument:

$ glue wco <wildcard>

The following example will open all Python .py files in the sub-directory src on Unix/Linux systems:

$ glue wco '/src/*.py'

Create a New File

Create a new file from the command line with:

$ glue new

File Management with System Utilities

You can use system utilities to manage your project files with Glue just as you would from a separate terminal.

For example, on Linux/Mac OSX systems rm <filepath> will delete a file and rm -rf <dirpath> will remove the directory on dirpath and all of its contents. touch <filepath> will create a new file.